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CEL produces an impressive scope of test equipment according to your needs: from concept design and construction to startup support, calibration, correlation and on-going support to help ensure trouble-free operation.

  • Test cells for all types of gas turbines – APU, turbofan, helicopter, turboprop, industrial
  • Flexible designs – multi-engine capability, fixed location or mobile
  • Modernize and upgrade your current test equipment and facilities
  • Test benches – engine accessories and fuel nozzles
  • Data acquisition and control – CEL’s proprietary real time CELDAS200™
  • Calibrate and correlate test cells, CELDAS200™ downloads and data assessment
  • Specialized facilities for research and development – icing, noise, attitude, tilt rotor, emissions, etc.
  • Aftermarket support – spare parts, maintenance services, troubleshooting, correlation

Choose CEL with confidence.

  • We understand your business needs – efficient, cost effective, reliable solutions
  • We know testing – One-stop source for all your testing needs
  • We know engines and their components – Multi-OEM licenses, with strong relationships
  • We have the design and integration “know-how” – skilled, experienced engineers, management team
  • We have extensive experience – test cells for engines powering turboprop aircraft, helicopters, business and airline jets, as well as for APUs (Auxilliary Power Units) and industrial applications.
  • We have an established track record – On-time delivery, quality, excellent support, no surprises
  • We are global – head office in Canada with offices and facilities in Europe and U.S.A.